I don’t care anymore!

I still talk to many people, i still make more new friends, i still hang out with them at nights.

I still love hot coffee, at night.

I still laugh in public so hard that it drives their attention to me.

I still wear that mens watch, i still stare at the things i like.

I still roam in a mall, window shopping my half day.

I still hold the cup by both hands.

I still sleep at night under a blanket at summers.

I still talk to my bestfriends at 2am.

I still have the same hairstyle.

I still love wearing shoes…

“And i still don’t care about the things you wanted about me to change, because i dont care anymore!”

Things never changed for me earlier and neither will, while you gone.

Only the thing that is changed is the more love for myself..

So, i don’t care what you might think, i don’t care about your suggestions anymore, i don’t care about what you think of me, and my behaviour.

I don’t care anymore, because while i was caring for you, you chose to lecture me about how to behave like a girl!

You are Beautiful!

Makes you feel blush and more confident, when you are given such a compliment, right?

Well, there is another side to it too, we people admire someones beauty first by looking at their face, and body of course.

Fair, slim, jaw line, curvy…. perfect example of a beauty… no, no,.. take a pause.

Think again, its gonna fade all away, you are gonna develop wrinkles eventually.

Do you fall in love just by looking all those things? No, you shouldn’t!

Because thats not gonna support you in your decision, not gonna stand by with you anytime, not gonna make you laugh and neither gonna make your life happening.

But what to do, we fall in love with things like that… we love roses but not the thorn, because all the thorns do is protect the beauty of the rose.

You are smarter though, plucking the rose anyways, because you dont care if it lives or dies, what you are doing is wanting the beautiful thing.

Thus every beautiful thing gets plucked first.

There is a slight difference in wanting and needing.

You want something because its hard and challenging, but makes you happy because you are stubborn.

You need something when you know its for you benefit, and you need it to survive.

Fall in love with their souls, not the sole of their shoes, with their creative minds and not the fashion sense, their support and caring, not for their suggestion and compliments.

What i am telling is do not love someone who is beautiful, with only their beautiness and do not reject feelings because they are just not beautiful.

Beautiful is someone who is bold in talking,beauty in thoughts, that walk of confidence everytime they enter, charm they spread by their sense of humor, who can show you things beyond being beautiful!”

You are wrong if the thought of being beautiful physically is the only meaning of beautiful.

For someone, just to prove they are beautiful, they lose themselves!

You are lovely, trust me! Dont make fool of yourselves just because the definition of beautiful is so wrong in someones perception.

Love is what stays with you forever


Every action,there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Newton’s third law

The moment you hit this, you remember all your past mistakes and makes you suffer from regrets.

Things you have done to others, will always come back to you.

Karma for me is a result i get of the things i have done in past, may it be good or bad.

It is like a life lesson, making you a better person.

It makes you think in a way by keeping you in a particular person shoes, and then take your action.

Being honest, i never thought much until i faced it, through a situation.

I then realized, what the person must have gone through from the situation that now i am facing.

You never know what turn your life will take after believing in karma.

You are not special, to think that you are always gonna get what to want, no rights to judge, or do any bad things to anyone.

So think for your action before doing some.

Think that karma is a person, who comes in your life when he feels that you are going beyond humanity and nature laws.

It is not a myth, but more of a science..

I believe that people believe in karma only when they have faced it in their life.

Karma makes you realize that human is not the “only” king of this earth, there is something more powerful than human. It is the natures law.

Always there to make you remind of your cruelty.

Be ready to face the action before making any thoughtless decisions.

“Think twice for your every action making towards any individuals life”

Voice of depression

I will crawl all over your head, making you sick of thinking your flaws.

I will make you silent in the crowd of thousands…

The body you have won’t be yours anymore, i will take all over it and make it feel heavy for you.

For you to understand what a brain does to your body when you let me out!

Making you stare at a thing for hours, thinking of all the mistakes you have done.

Without a blink , silently through your eyes, i will scream out loud like ghost in a house.

Making you the person you never wanted to be, leaving you the scar of mistakes you did.

You can hear nothing but only the heart beats of yours, screaming for help nothing but a helping hand of yours.

But kill me, for the sake of your life.

I have a “weakness”, weakness of people who “cares” for you.

–YOURS DEPRESSION, asking you to kill me for your sake of life.

Because its beautiful, beyond my existence.

Living is heaven

Hell or heaven, heaven is good and the hell is bad… says everyone!

There is no hell and heaven thing as such, you live then you leave, leaving some particles of matter behind, says the science!

Good people goes in heaven and bad ones in hell….says our parents!

Whats your thought?

When i was a kid, just like good and bad things, hell and heaven were taught, how it works, how can you reach there and stuff…

The brain whereas doesn’t works like that. Because you are gifted to think on your own.

I kept thinking about after life, again and again and again..till i get into the conclusion, we just go “up” when we die and live “down” when we are alive.

That must be so boring, damn! So we travel up and down till infinite time, that sounded just like boring serial which goes on for like years.

I somehow thought, what if dying is just a deep sleep, where no one can wake us up, no starvings, no thirst, no wants, no needs but just sleep with lots of dreams.

Hmm…now that sounded better to me.

That’s how childrens are, right? They think of things in which they find comfort, no struggling for real questions and science.

Lets think in it more adult way, the time we are living in is the heaven, heaven where you have the choice to make it more heaven living or hell living, because after death we just sleep deep.

Eventually, what matters is the memories you spend while living and nothing else.

You decide to make the heaven, as heaven or hell, memories for life or regrets of things.

Live it fully, before you sleep!

Deep sleep where there is no going back.

The wooden bench

We met at a cafe through some site , we chatted the whole night , feeling the cold breeze..

It was late , but we didn’t want this time to end , to stop make me feel more special.

It was nothing that day but lots of everything.

I could still feel myself lost in that place till the date ,i could feel myself wanting to get lost once again.

His eyes of curiosity to know about me , and me to get to know his nature.

I can still feel the cold wodden bench we were sitting on, under the shade at night at a distance of 5 feet.

I could hear the water running at night , wind passing by ears, cold air making our hands cold and nose red , we shared our likes and dislikes.

Next day , we shared something that was secrets of our life , shared a part of life , enough to make me fall for him.

Holding our hands , assuring about good times to come , we shared something so important that we never imagined would make us so close.

Third day, we spent our quality time , at last i found, someone i felt for..

Relieved about finally i can feel it too , i quietly smiled and slept.

Stairing him the next morning , thinking that i am one of those stupids now, who have feelings for someone like this idiot! Overloaded with love.

Soon, the time came where i was going to face the situation, shattering all over once again, realizing that there was no “us” but only “me” in this story.

Guess what! i am not the “only” girl.

I am just from one of his lists he had , so long that i would get tired of reading it.

How can i make mistake to understand someone so badly, falling for someone so deeply, caring for someone so much?i kept asking the questions, leaving a mark of trust once again! This time it was deeper than earlier.

Deeper, because this time it was my imagination and misunderstandings of hopes who betrayed me and no one else

And i am still stuck on that bench and the talk we had that night.

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Discover prompt, Day 30 :Grateful

“Quarantine time” for me is something more about myself , studying my behaviour , my pros and cons and thus i am grateful to this time.

Obviously! That thought was not the same initially ,everyone must be agreeing on that.

Discovering ourself is not that easy ! Would never be , and over that , improving and accepting the way we are is something everyone is struggling with.

Lets start with my first few week of quaratine ….

My thoughts then was “i want my space, i need someone , i can’t take it anymore , i am done with this quarantine , i am such a overthinker , why do i need to help in every house hold stuff , why me? , i want to sleep more ”

Well, that doesn’t mean now my thoughts are opposite but mostly i am coming out of these thoughts and trying to rule out negetivity , struggling myself to stop overthinking.

At least , i am trying , and guess what! Only trying could be this helpful , i didn’t know that.

I wake up now , do my regular stuffs like cleaning and house stuff mostly. Then giving some time to my creativity then my plants and my family.

What this time taught me was , be patient even if your hands are tied, at least u can breath.

Now , i think of doing things which i thought that i could never do it. Challenging myself in tough time , agreeing on my cons.

Most importantly , it taught me that not a single work you do is small or disrespectful , it’s all about the time we give to our thoughts , to think why ? Are we like this and why not better?

That is how i started to think in a very different way

Cat lover

Ever believed in hopes?

When i was a kid , always wanted some pet , that i would take care of.

Soon , that dream came true and i had my first cat ever , he was the only important thing to me from now on.

We grew up together , i pet him just as someone would grew their child.

Too attached to him as time passed on , so strongly that my only purpose after coming home was to see him and make my day, as nothing else mattered more.

Now that i am using ‘was’ in my sentence , you all must have had idea till now, that he isn’t with me anymore.

He died! Yes he is gone now , i cried , i regretted , i blammed, new feeling that came by and went by so soon.

So soon that i cloudn’t say thankyou enough for being the only genuine thing i ever seen.

Only if you could express the suffering, i without a second thought would bring every thing to just save you.

Going through a feeling that i will never feel again, that how an animal could be to a person, the only time where i thought i could choose animals over humans.

I could still feel him in my arms , his soft white fur with a little of dust on it , he would then shake it off to clean himself.

Sitting helpless infront of me, the eyes asking to take away the pain from you, i just so wish i could, i could..

Thanks for creating moments that made me believed, everything you sow will turn beautiful.

Thanks for listening to me, when at times, no one but only you understood the bad times i had, i believe to those people who say animals could feel the emotions more, when human can’t!

I could never forget such amazing moments i spent with him , even if it was of a short span.

Some memories are carved very deeply.

Dying infront of me, wasn’t fair!!

So not fair, because the hands on which you took that small breaths, that i carried you so carefully, never imagined you would take your last breath on that same hand.

Breathing heavily, asking for help from those same eyes , pupil wide open darked, i am sorry i was of no use regretting my whole life, always will.

An unknown diagnosed disease and the other moment he was gone just like that.

I pumped him in the hopes he would breath , but he gave up , i could feel his last breath taken on my hand , a breeze i could never forget of.

I still remember him in my lonely time and the good moments we spent.

Discover Prompts, Day 29: List

Hello, i found it very interesting and an initiative towards people who can discover themselevs.

Quarantine , is the best time to open boxes of creative minds.

I am glad that platform like this allow us to share something at times of quarantine , it really is something creative.

I have been watching netflix , amazon prime videos , surfing on social medias , but nothing interets me at this stage where we got this much of time.

  • So chose , to discover myself , my thoughts.
  • Series and movies are real time inspiration but nowadays , i have been watching it just to get by my time.
  • So i came across with , why dont i write my daily thoughts of quarantine , thoughts which makes me think because of plenty of times.

Today day 1

I started my day with posting my blog on wordpress about feminism and as i am a beginner i am seeking information from people i follow and read posts.

I never thought i would ever try to do something , but look what quarantine made me do in a very good way.

I have always loved to write , to express my thoughts under several situations , i needed some platform though.

This was all about me writing to this.

Let me know about your thoughts.


Welcome to Discover Prompts! Throughout April, we’re sharing a daily prompt to help you keep or regain your writing rhythm. Not sure how to participate? Read on.

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“Feminism” just a word? To every girl reading this , think!


I searched it on google today about the word “feminism” it says, the advocacy of womens rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes.

Then searched for the word “advocacy” because i wanted to know it as simple as possible and it says, public support for or recommendation of a particular cause or policy.

Below here is some google searched information :

I am 21 now , and i searched this term now! why?? i asked myself. I had this thought due to some misconceptions among st me and some very good friend of mine , i shared that friend a link of inspirational movie which was about the law mostly,  but between a man and a woman , and the woman wins in it , he after watching it told me i don’t watch such a movie of feminism described in such a way!I was astonished, shocked because obviously we are such good friend and let me tell you guys the film was not about feminism but was about law , a fight between two people but of opposite sex but that friend of mine concluded it a feminist movie because the girl in movie won !

I shared that movie because for me it was inspirational , and because i am a girl i know what being feminist and act racist is! as much as i have studied myself and learned from the surrounding.

He put me in a thought to search what feminism really means. So i started googling it. I started what in my mind that exists, is what the truth is or its just my mind made definition of feminism.

Guess what!i was as correct and right about it as it says , i never should have doubted it but some people or may i say ‘important people’ makes you doubt about yourself and your thoughts.


I am just a girl who is curious to know our kind and our laws , right? So i am studying myself and this word ‘feminism’.

This topic is vast because as much you dig in it , you are full of informations. So i wont have any conclusion on it but my thoughts.
Thus we will get this part done in numbers , like this is my 1st part about feminism and so i will keep posting further parts.

The part one was all about how i sarted writing and why i started writing about it , there is no such right or wrong things concluded at the end.

PART 1 :    Its origin is from a french word.

I am not an expert , but a girl with thought ,i hope this wont allow you to judge me on my writing skills much , but every opinion of yours is welcome here.

As i told you all about the searching thing , i got into this page below : https://markmanson.net/whats-the-problem-with-feminism

 Lots of information , i found it useful , let me make it short what’s written in it , i hope i cover all but do visit the link.

So , In the 1960s and 70s, feminist protests resulted in a series of laws that guaranteed, under the law, equal rights in the workplace, in universities and colleges, in health care, and in the home.

What i liked about what they have written in it is , in short , you cannot change people mind all of a sudden and more to it , change there opinions that easily. I understood that and it striked me! Why my friend acted like that before because he had very different concept in his mind.

A very simple thing i understood is , what woman are capable of, let them do it ,at least try it!Try! To see the world individually or think of that they are capable of living on their own!That doesn’t mean that you only live individually because you are a woman but let them know that there is also this type of option you can think of.
People judge! Because you are a woman but they cover up by saying i understand you because you are too weak to face outside problems or solve any issues that was men work.

If they are capable , they do it  and achieve it! If they are not, they will not achieve what they want , but you cannot pull them! But don’t already judge them stating things or giving examples of a  failure woman or by connecting to things such as a womans work cant be done by a man and a mans work cant be done by a woman.

It is that simple! In part 1

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