Discover Prompts, Day 29: List

Hello, i found it very interesting and an initiative towards people who can discover themselevs.

Quarantine , is the best time to open boxes of creative minds.

I am glad that platform like this allow us to share something at times of quarantine , it really is something creative.

I have been watching netflix , amazon prime videos , surfing on social medias , but nothing interets me at this stage where we got this much of time.

  • So chose , to discover myself , my thoughts.
  • Series and movies are real time inspiration but nowadays , i have been watching it just to get by my time.
  • So i came across with , why dont i write my daily thoughts of quarantine , thoughts which makes me think because of plenty of times.

Today day 1

I started my day with posting my blog on wordpress about feminism and as i am a beginner i am seeking information from people i follow and read posts.

I never thought i would ever try to do something , but look what quarantine made me do in a very good way.

I have always loved to write , to express my thoughts under several situations , i needed some platform though.

This was all about me writing to this.

Let me know about your thoughts.


Welcome to Discover Prompts! Throughout April, we’re sharing a daily prompt to help you keep or regain your writing rhythm. Not sure how to participate? Read on.

Who doesn’t like a good list? Let’s make one today.

[Note: This prompt came out a few hours earlier than usual; we hope you make the most of the extra time!]

  • Write a new post on your site in response to the prompt.
  • Tag your post with Discover Prompts and click Publish.
  • Head to the Reader to engage with other participants’ posts.

Need more ideas? Not sure what to write around List? We’re here to help:

  • Write a countdown of your top-ten [insert the category of your choice]. Cookies, sci-fi movies, Disney villains… the possibilities are endless!
  • From Mozart to Dua Lipa (not to mention Billy Joel), list songs have been popular for centuries. Write your own, or adapt…

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Published by miniworldto

Stay tuned.. hello guys! i hope you find my blog interesting, i love to see your love and i get motivated when you all comment and spend some of your time in reading my blog. Show some love by going on the link

7 thoughts on “Discover Prompts, Day 29: List

  1. Very interesting — making a list of your thoughts. Keep them — it will be so good to look back on this time and wonder how we got through it. Thanks so much for following Oh, the Places We See. We try to interject our thoughts as well as we recapture our travels and experiences. Stay safe out there!

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