“Feminism” just a word? To every girl reading this , think!


I searched it on google today about the word “feminism” it says, the advocacy of womens rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes.

Then searched for the word “advocacy” because i wanted to know it as simple as possible and it says, public support for or recommendation of a particular cause or policy.

Below here is some google searched information :

I am 21 now , and i searched this term now! why?? i asked myself. I had this thought due to some misconceptions among st me and some very good friend of mine , i shared that friend a link of inspirational movie which was about the law mostly,  but between a man and a woman , and the woman wins in it , he after watching it told me i don’t watch such a movie of feminism described in such a way!I was astonished, shocked because obviously we are such good friend and let me tell you guys the film was not about feminism but was about law , a fight between two people but of opposite sex but that friend of mine concluded it a feminist movie because the girl in movie won !

I shared that movie because for me it was inspirational , and because i am a girl i know what being feminist and act racist is! as much as i have studied myself and learned from the surrounding.

He put me in a thought to search what feminism really means. So i started googling it. I started what in my mind that exists, is what the truth is or its just my mind made definition of feminism.

Guess what!i was as correct and right about it as it says , i never should have doubted it but some people or may i say ‘important people’ makes you doubt about yourself and your thoughts.


I am just a girl who is curious to know our kind and our laws , right? So i am studying myself and this word ‘feminism’.

This topic is vast because as much you dig in it , you are full of informations. So i wont have any conclusion on it but my thoughts.
Thus we will get this part done in numbers , like this is my 1st part about feminism and so i will keep posting further parts.

The part one was all about how i sarted writing and why i started writing about it , there is no such right or wrong things concluded at the end.

PART 1 :    Its origin is from a french word.

I am not an expert , but a girl with thought ,i hope this wont allow you to judge me on my writing skills much , but every opinion of yours is welcome here.

As i told you all about the searching thing , i got into this page below : https://markmanson.net/whats-the-problem-with-feminism

 Lots of information , i found it useful , let me make it short what’s written in it , i hope i cover all but do visit the link.

So , In the 1960s and 70s, feminist protests resulted in a series of laws that guaranteed, under the law, equal rights in the workplace, in universities and colleges, in health care, and in the home.

What i liked about what they have written in it is , in short , you cannot change people mind all of a sudden and more to it , change there opinions that easily. I understood that and it striked me! Why my friend acted like that before because he had very different concept in his mind.

A very simple thing i understood is , what woman are capable of, let them do it ,at least try it!Try! To see the world individually or think of that they are capable of living on their own!That doesn’t mean that you only live individually because you are a woman but let them know that there is also this type of option you can think of.
People judge! Because you are a woman but they cover up by saying i understand you because you are too weak to face outside problems or solve any issues that was men work.

If they are capable , they do it  and achieve it! If they are not, they will not achieve what they want , but you cannot pull them! But don’t already judge them stating things or giving examples of a  failure woman or by connecting to things such as a womans work cant be done by a man and a mans work cant be done by a woman.

It is that simple! In part 1

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9 thoughts on ““Feminism” just a word? To every girl reading this , think!

  1. Very truly said, feminism is a vast concept and all have their different opinion. If someone asked me about it I firmly believed firstly girls should be feminise, if they themselves won’t learn to stand for themselves then who’ll do. Just start a chain and see how you become a source of inspiration for the other girls, of your region or may be of your country or may be you gonna be voice of whole world!! This topic is just worth reading, thank you girl…✋😀 Stay safe!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes i agree on this totally, firstly we girls need to know what being feminist is and how you support it. As u said i am glad to hear that at least i was able to convey my thoughts thoroughly , thanks for your view 🤗.

      Liked by 1 person

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