You are Beautiful!

Makes you feel blush and more confident, when you are given such a compliment, right?

Well, there is another side to it too, we people admire someones beauty first by looking at their face, and body of course.

Fair, slim, jaw line, curvy…. perfect example of a beauty… no, no,.. take a pause.

Think again, its gonna fade all away, you are gonna develop wrinkles eventually.

Do you fall in love just by looking all those things? No, you shouldn’t!

Because thats not gonna support you in your decision, not gonna stand by with you anytime, not gonna make you laugh and neither gonna make your life happening.

But what to do, we fall in love with things like that… we love roses but not the thorn, because all the thorns do is protect the beauty of the rose.

You are smarter though, plucking the rose anyways, because you dont care if it lives or dies, what you are doing is wanting the beautiful thing.

Thus every beautiful thing gets plucked first.

There is a slight difference in wanting and needing.

You want something because its hard and challenging, but makes you happy because you are stubborn.

You need something when you know its for you benefit, and you need it to survive.

Fall in love with their souls, not the sole of their shoes, with their creative minds and not the fashion sense, their support and caring, not for their suggestion and compliments.

What i am telling is do not love someone who is beautiful, with only their beautiness and do not reject feelings because they are just not beautiful.

Beautiful is someone who is bold in talking,beauty in thoughts, that walk of confidence everytime they enter, charm they spread by their sense of humor, who can show you things beyond being beautiful!”

You are wrong if the thought of being beautiful physically is the only meaning of beautiful.

For someone, just to prove they are beautiful, they lose themselves!

You are lovely, trust me! Dont make fool of yourselves just because the definition of beautiful is so wrong in someones perception.

Love is what stays with you forever

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15 thoughts on “You are Beautiful!

  1. “La beauté physique se fane comme une fleur avec le temps, la beauté du cœur demeure à jamais.”
    Cette citation de Mazouz Hacene est toujours vraie.
    Merci de suivre mon blog ! Prends bien soin de toi.

    Liked by 1 person

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