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Found a dense forest, same trees all over the landscapes

Trees pigmented prominently, just like a tatoo craved on it,

The leaves, all green shades, over the land.

Felt like the trees were nourished and healthy, each new day by day.

No new species though, just the same, but widely covered..

Strangely, no birds, animals, insects, or reptiles.

But only trees!

It was nothing but, the trees nurturing only on thoughts

Thoughts in my brain, overthinking boosting them.

Looking closely, the leaves were built with words on it

Tress growing as usual day by day,

Some good, some bad may be

The words when overflowed the leaves, it started to dehydrated by its own.

All brown and dried that leaves only its veins behind.

When that leaf fell on ground, soil changing its color to black charcoal

A tree all of a sudden then felt on ground, rubbed others so hard

A spark created, coincidently felt on that coal.

Nothing more needed to turn that dense forest into ashes, froth of air it felt.

Just in no time, the forest was a dessert with cactus on it.

Thats when i realized the tress of my thoughts, were the cactus of dessert

A charming hug

Feeling the warmth, the breath that i felt on my neck.

The hugs that are so magical feels like a medicine or some cure of sorrowness

You could feel heart beats not only yours, but theirs beating so clamly too.

Makiny it so mesmerizing, you wish if the world could only work on hugs

Only if it gives such moment of peace, why is it, that the hugs been replaced these days.

The only moment where you could only think of your present with grace. click, click for more!

The last option, suicide.

Darker the room, brighter the light rays

Its not just a word, with it comes the most vulnerable feelings along with tremendous excessive pressure of negative feelings dominating brains.

I couldn’t help it, but to write as some news shooked me!

First of all, its easy to judge someone in many ways, right from the clothes they wear from the likes and dislikes they have.

A person couldn’t bear the talks of themselves especially the worst one, some people fight their best to keep others mouth shut, some don’t have that guts.

Rather these people are called as “weak minds” which i do not agree, they are most sensible and overthinkers around.

Still, i am here talking about such things, because it is indeed easy to write than to explain people around, not something i am proud of!

A person is already going through a lot, but then who cares, we are here to judge them off.

Its not something we could control but atleast we could show some humanity, not because society asks us but because thats what we are!

Spirit of living

Living a peaceful life is still a dream for many people suffering daily, on the basis of their thoughts, clothes and every possible things that could make them realize that their life has no worth.

The feeling of a loser, a sufferer, an overthinker, a sensible person is something we could never realize until they don’t prove to a society.

Many such people couldn’t handle the pressure, many chose to live but with a cost of hatred in mind for everyone and blaming the society at worse.

Some might think for once if theu could at least find a way to stop all those voice at once, the only choice “They think” is suicide, not something i could support in any way.

Well, to everyone who suffers daily, we are humans and truly said “the survival of the fittest”, but never wonder why we made things where we try to “only”survive, because thats something animals do, and not us.

We are an animal too, we have brains thats what makes us different, also what made less of humans too at a time.

Well said by soemone we are not the owner of this earth we live in, we are a participant where our species will exist or may not! Many species lives amd dies and relive life, but here we stand thinking of us being the greatest of all.

Making us all less human day by day…

But my friend it is life after all, fight in a battle not in silence because it hurts every now and then to hear how cruel can a human be, making us realize of someone only when they are gone!

Living is painful, but more worth it could be, to bear, not covering on reality of todays world but just a hope of light that could make a darker room a little light!

Can’t bring those innocent souls back, couldn’t think what they must have gone through, looking back.

I wonder what their close people must have felt, i still fear to face the reality they must have gone by.

I could only wonder and feel the pain, still i could do a lot for to take a step, its simple than i ever thought “STOP JUDGING PEOPLE” thats what i have come up till, still there is a lot.

To all the people who are reading this, viewers!

First of all, you guys are insane! In a very good way obviously, i never thought of writing blogs this far, such motivators you guys are!

This blog is especially for my viewers,and for those who atleast spend there time on reading my blog,i know that i haven’t been active these days much.

That is because i am working on other things too, this quarantine has made me do things which was obviously not possible for me in normal days.

I love to read and i try to write, still a learner can’t deny that!

To all my followers and people who genuinely like my blog i have created another site on, as i searched a lot and went through many suggestions i found that according to my convienience i should create a site there and be active there as much as possible.

I will be most thankful to you guys if you all could visit my new site.

Missed writing….

Please click here (

Thanks to all the viewers here, i started writing in a hope to find myself and increase my writing skills, but you people rock who gave me hope that i am good at this thing and could do better.

The most important thing which i found was we all really relate much, which makes us stay here and know about eachother which is super interesting.

I am active on too, time is money and i really appreciate you guys for giving some time from your schedule to read my blogs.

Thanks for all the viewers and likes, comments, that really is a great motivations for me, coming from you guys..


We thought of a better life,as we grew up

A better secured future for us and for a middle class family

A house with insecurites but secured case!

We imagined to be with an absolute person of life of dream.

Just as planned, we walking on the path to reach the desination of dream with puddles..

To just walk and walk, in a hope of a happy family we all dreamt like that.

Knowingly or unknowingly we got distracted, hurt but again we saw a future that couldn’t be ruined..

We still walking in a hope of better days and lives, in exchange nothing but happiness with comfort day by day.

Before we could realise, we became materialistic, where we forgot the dream of happiness and joy with humans!


How strange is, that we chase someone we want, and are chased by someone we choose to avoid….

Strange isn’t it?

Lots of reasons to do so though..

I wonder why this happens…

Why are we always behind something, which is difficult to achieve?

Then i thought,and thought… i wasnt surprised to know, this process begins from our childhood itself.

A toy we want, a toy of dream it could be anything, a toy house, car, building a set etc….

But have we all noticed, we only loved the expensive ones…

Because it has the quality, the shine, the thing in it, that any normal couldn’t.

But that too depends on person to person, the toy of my dream, for someone must be cheap and old and vice versa…

Then what happens, we either dont get that toy, or even if we get, after having it, playing with it, it just feels like the normal one and lose the interest.

Its like we take that toy for granted, because all the energy we spent on, was how can i get it, we were not ready about what happens after we finally get it..still we kept running..

Now, i guess most of them must be relating it to so many things…

A human nature, i finally figured, we chase something out of our league or which seems difficult to conquer, but not everyone could take care after that achieving it.

Because we were too busy to win that prize, we never imagined to handle it.

People rush, and focus on acheiving most of the most, but many couldn’t take it after a time…

We need to be prepared for that, everytime, anytime.

Chasing our dream is ok, chasing our loved ones is ok, chasing is ok (something good), but what happens next? Could you handle the success, could you manage your relations, could be be yourself?

Hey trust speaking…

Hello, this is me! “The trust” speaking..

I have a message for you, came along all the way for you, a need that i felt you to know about me more before!

Why do you people need me! So badly, that you cannot be with someone without me!

Well, i am selfish, let me tell you that, i am selfish because i pass on from one person to another for just my sake.

Although later i figured, you have done the masters in selfishness, yes, do you know why?

Because, you only apply a tag of “trust” on someone, so that you could rely on them, depend on them, so selfish that you sometimes apply me on wrong person before even knowing them…and then blame me.

Why being so deperate to tag me on someone like that? I need to be earned! Don’t you get that?

I am being made, to break sometimes!

Don’t you get, you cannot trust someone, because you humans are made in such a way to survive, at anyones cost, also by breaking me!

Don’t you give all over “your” job to keep together, on me! Because i have weak hands to hold on it…

I don’t want you to vanish me, but rather to accept that i am not that strong to hold someone.

So be ready to get broken, apply more consciousness in being practical rather than blind trusting on someone, because that will make you strong! Not me!

I want you to know, if i am being applied i have an expiry date on me, i can be broken,so do not rely on me to hold on to someone for you!

A kid behind bars….

Imagine being a kid again

A kid who doesn’t care of the future,past but only present!

Happy in their imaginary world

No enemies, no rivals, no competition

The struggle they use to face was only how they could extend the time of their playing.

Every step they take, were always careless

They do it, because they want to!

Every imagined, that kid in “you” that was killed by you, is still half dead?

Well, its you!

Because, you sometimes don’t want to care, don’t want to be grown up, but only live in present! (inner voice of that kid)

Its half dead now, because you have to keep your grown up body to survive, feed, earn…

That kid, want to come out of you, screaming to leave this lifestyle and go back to carefree style.

But we can’t! Because we all are grown ups, we don’t do that, right?

We dont act childish,or play childish because while we were growing every one was waiting for us to kill that child inside us and be one of those..

No one choose it, but the grown up world doesn’t allow the child to come out of the bars.

So keep that kid inside you, locked! but don’t forget to open that door when you need to!

Don’t forget that you locked that kid inside you, who didn’t need a reason to be happy, laughing, smiling.

“Keep unlocking it frequently, because we all have that kid inside, covered under a pile of grown up thoughts, enough to make it suffocate”