Discover prompt, Day 30 :Grateful

“Quarantine time” for me is something more about myself , studying my behaviour , my pros and cons and thus i am grateful to this time.

Obviously! That thought was not the same initially ,everyone must be agreeing on that.

Discovering ourself is not that easy ! Would never be , and over that , improving and accepting the way we are is something everyone is struggling with.

Lets start with my first few week of quaratine ….

My thoughts then was “i want my space, i need someone , i can’t take it anymore , i am done with this quarantine , i am such a overthinker , why do i need to help in every house hold stuff , why me? , i want to sleep more ”

Well, that doesn’t mean now my thoughts are opposite but mostly i am coming out of these thoughts and trying to rule out negetivity , struggling myself to stop overthinking.

At least , i am trying , and guess what! Only trying could be this helpful , i didn’t know that.

I wake up now , do my regular stuffs like cleaning and house stuff mostly. Then giving some time to my creativity then my plants and my family.

What this time taught me was , be patient even if your hands are tied, at least u can breath.

Now , i think of doing things which i thought that i could never do it. Challenging myself in tough time , agreeing on my cons.

Most importantly , it taught me that not a single work you do is small or disrespectful , it’s all about the time we give to our thoughts , to think why ? Are we like this and why not better?

That is how i started to think in a very different way

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