Cat lover

Ever believed in hopes?

When i was a kid , always wanted some pet , that i would take care of.

Soon , that dream came true and i had my first cat ever , he was the only important thing to me from now on.

We grew up together , i pet him just as someone would grew their child.

Too attached to him as time passed on , so strongly that my only purpose after coming home was to see him and make my day, as nothing else mattered more.

Now that i am using ‘was’ in my sentence , you all must have had idea till now, that he isn’t with me anymore.

He died! Yes he is gone now , i cried , i regretted , i blammed, new feeling that came by and went by so soon.

So soon that i cloudn’t say thankyou enough for being the only genuine thing i ever seen.

Only if you could express the suffering, i without a second thought would bring every thing to just save you.

Going through a feeling that i will never feel again, that how an animal could be to a person, the only time where i thought i could choose animals over humans.

I could still feel him in my arms , his soft white fur with a little of dust on it , he would then shake it off to clean himself.

Sitting helpless infront of me, the eyes asking to take away the pain from you, i just so wish i could, i could..

Thanks for creating moments that made me believed, everything you sow will turn beautiful.

Thanks for listening to me, when at times, no one but only you understood the bad times i had, i believe to those people who say animals could feel the emotions more, when human can’t!

I could never forget such amazing moments i spent with him , even if it was of a short span.

Some memories are carved very deeply.

Dying infront of me, wasn’t fair!!

So not fair, because the hands on which you took that small breaths, that i carried you so carefully, never imagined you would take your last breath on that same hand.

Breathing heavily, asking for help from those same eyes , pupil wide open darked, i am sorry i was of no use regretting my whole life, always will.

An unknown diagnosed disease and the other moment he was gone just like that.

I pumped him in the hopes he would breath , but he gave up , i could feel his last breath taken on my hand , a breeze i could never forget of.

I still remember him in my lonely time and the good moments we spent.

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21 thoughts on “Cat lover

  1. Well written and I can relate. Our cat died Jan. 31, 2020 (19 years old) and we miss that little angel. We adopted a new cat on Valentine’s Day and she is full of energy and a lot of fun. Pets are awesome and great companions.

    Thank you for following Eugi’s Causerie.

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