The wooden bench

We met at a cafe through some site , we chatted the whole night , feeling the cold breeze..

It was late , but we didn’t want this time to end , to stop make me feel more special.

It was nothing that day but lots of everything.

I could still feel myself lost in that place till the date ,i could feel myself wanting to get lost once again.

His eyes of curiosity to know about me , and me to get to know his nature.

I can still feel the cold wodden bench we were sitting on, under the shade at night at a distance of 5 feet.

I could hear the water running at night , wind passing by ears, cold air making our hands cold and nose red , we shared our likes and dislikes.

Next day , we shared something that was secrets of our life , shared a part of life , enough to make me fall for him.

Holding our hands , assuring about good times to come , we shared something so important that we never imagined would make us so close.

Third day, we spent our quality time , at last i found, someone i felt for..

Relieved about finally i can feel it too , i quietly smiled and slept.

Stairing him the next morning , thinking that i am one of those stupids now, who have feelings for someone like this idiot! Overloaded with love.

Soon, the time came where i was going to face the situation, shattering all over once again, realizing that there was no “us” but only “me” in this story.

Guess what! i am not the “only” girl.

I am just from one of his lists he had , so long that i would get tired of reading it.

How can i make mistake to understand someone so badly, falling for someone so deeply, caring for someone so much?i kept asking the questions, leaving a mark of trust once again! This time it was deeper than earlier.

Deeper, because this time it was my imagination and misunderstandings of hopes who betrayed me and no one else

And i am still stuck on that bench and the talk we had that night.

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32 thoughts on “The wooden bench

  1. Ah, the bench that many of us have sat on… some day that bench will no longer be as important to you as all of those experiences gone wrong lead you to ‘the one’ who does value you and appreciate you for who you are. Trust me, you’d rather know now that is he is NOT the one.

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  2. I admire your open heart, your willingness to make yourself vulnerable, to share. Don’t wall yourself off, but give yourself time to really know the other person, to know if he’s deserving of you, before letting your heart loose to seek what it needs. Good writing, keep it up!

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  3. We are not foolish to desire love. Human beings are meant to connect in a meaningful way to others. The men (and women) who take love for granted, who use and manipulate others are the ones lacking. All the rest of us can do is be cautious about giving our hearts away. ❤

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