Living is heaven

Hell or heaven, heaven is good and the hell is bad… says everyone!

There is no hell and heaven thing as such, you live then you leave, leaving some particles of matter behind, says the science!

Good people goes in heaven and bad ones in hell….says our parents!

Whats your thought?

When i was a kid, just like good and bad things, hell and heaven were taught, how it works, how can you reach there and stuff…

The brain whereas doesn’t works like that. Because you are gifted to think on your own.

I kept thinking about after life, again and again and again..till i get into the conclusion, we just go “up” when we die and live “down” when we are alive.

That must be so boring, damn! So we travel up and down till infinite time, that sounded just like boring serial which goes on for like years.

I somehow thought, what if dying is just a deep sleep, where no one can wake us up, no starvings, no thirst, no wants, no needs but just sleep with lots of dreams.

Hmm…now that sounded better to me.

That’s how childrens are, right? They think of things in which they find comfort, no struggling for real questions and science.

Lets think in it more adult way, the time we are living in is the heaven, heaven where you have the choice to make it more heaven living or hell living, because after death we just sleep deep.

Eventually, what matters is the memories you spend while living and nothing else.

You decide to make the heaven, as heaven or hell, memories for life or regrets of things.

Live it fully, before you sleep!

Deep sleep where there is no going back.

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16 thoughts on “Living is heaven

    1. If my deeds determined my destiny, I’d be in deep trouble.
      (If there is a heaven and it’s a perfect place, only perfect people could go there.)
      I heard about Jesus, the Son of God, when I was very young, how He gave His life to pay the penalty for my sin (evil) so I could be forgiven and live forever with Him. I believed and gave Him my life. He is everything to me – my joy, my peace, and my hope. I encourage you to look into His claims in the Bible, especially when you have to come to grips with how quickly this life passes and begin to wonder, what next?

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