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You are Beautiful!

Makes you feel blush and more confident, when you are given such a compliment, right? Well, there is another side to it too, we people admire someones beauty first by looking at their face, and body of course. Fair, slim, jaw line, curvy…. perfect example of a beauty… no, no,.. take a pause. Think again,Continue reading “You are Beautiful!”


Every action,there is an equal and opposite reaction. Newton’s third law The moment you hit this, you remember all your past mistakes and makes you suffer from regrets. Things you have done to others, will always come back to you. Karma for me is a result i get of the things i have done inContinue reading ““Karma””

Voice of depression

I will crawl all over your head, making you sick of thinking your flaws. I will make you silent in the crowd of thousands… The body you have won’t be yours anymore, i will take all over it and make it feel heavy for you. For you to understand what a brain does to yourContinue reading “Voice of depression”

Living is heaven

Hell or heaven, heaven is good and the hell is bad… says everyone! There is no hell and heaven thing as such, you live then you leave, leaving some particles of matter behind, says the science! Good people goes in heaven and bad ones in hell….says our parents! Whats your thought? When i was aContinue reading “Living is heaven”

Discover prompt, Day 30 :Grateful

“Quarantine time” for me is something more about myself , studying my behaviour , my pros and cons and thus i am grateful to this time. Obviously! That thought was not the same initially ,everyone must be agreeing on that. Discovering ourself is not that easy ! Would never be , and over that ,Continue reading “Discover prompt, Day 30 :Grateful”

Discover Prompts, Day 29: List

Originally posted on Discover WordPress:
Welcome to Discover Prompts! Throughout April, we’re sharing a daily prompt to help you keep or regain your writing rhythm. Not sure how to participate? Read on. Who doesn’t like a good list? Let’s make one today. [Note: This prompt came out a few hours earlier than usual; we hope…

“Feminism” just a word? To every girl reading this , think!

‘FEMINISM’ JUST A WORD ? Part 1#blogging I searched it on google today about the word “feminism” it says, the advocacy of womens rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes. Then searched for the word “advocacy” because i wanted to know it as simple as possible and it says, public support forContinue reading ““Feminism” just a word? To every girl reading this , think!”