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Hey trust speaking…

Hello, this is me! “The trust” speaking..

I have a message for you, came along all the way for you, a need that i felt you to know about me more before!

Why do you people need me! So badly, that you cannot be with someone without me!

Well, i am selfish, let me tell you that, i am selfish because i pass on from one person to another for just my sake.

Although later i figured, you have done the masters in selfishness, yes, do you know why?

Because, you only apply a tag of “trust” on someone, so that you could rely on them, depend on them, so selfish that you sometimes apply me on wrong person before even knowing them…and then blame me.

Why being so deperate to tag me on someone like that? I need to be earned! Don’t you get that?

I am being made, to break sometimes!

Don’t you get, you cannot trust someone, because you humans are made in such a way to survive, at anyones cost, also by breaking me!

Don’t you give all over “your” job to keep together, on me! Because i have weak hands to hold on it…

I don’t want you to vanish me, but rather to accept that i am not that strong to hold someone.

So be ready to get broken, apply more consciousness in being practical rather than blind trusting on someone, because that will make you strong! Not me!

I want you to know, if i am being applied i have an expiry date on me, i can be broken,so do not rely on me to hold on to someone for you!

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15 thoughts on “Hey trust speaking…

  1. Those are some beautiful words…Trust is really the most important thing….but sadly that is also the thing which sometimes hurt the most…

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  2. Society & relations between people can only function, when there’s trust. Trust comes on foot, but leaves on horsebag, meaning: It takes hard work to win others’s trust, but one misstep may be enough to shatter trust. Remember, once a thief, always a thief.

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