Found a dense forest, same trees all over the landscapes

Trees pigmented prominently, just like a tatoo craved on it,

The leaves, all green shades, over the land.

Felt like the trees were nourished and healthy, each new day by day.

No new species though, just the same, but widely covered..

Strangely, no birds, animals, insects, or reptiles.

But only trees!

It was nothing but, the trees nurturing only on thoughts

Thoughts in my brain, overthinking boosting them.

Looking closely, the leaves were built with words on it

Tress growing as usual day by day,

Some good, some bad may be

The words when overflowed the leaves, it started to dehydrated by its own.

All brown and dried that leaves only its veins behind.

When that leaf fell on ground, soil changing its color to black charcoal

A tree all of a sudden then felt on ground, rubbed others so hard

A spark created, coincidently felt on that coal.

Nothing more needed to turn that dense forest into ashes, froth of air it felt.

Just in no time, the forest was a dessert with cactus on it.

Thats when i realized the tress of my thoughts, were the cactus of dessert

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