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To all the people who are reading this, viewers!

First of all, you guys are insane! In a very good way obviously, i never thought of writing blogs this far, such motivators you guys are!

This blog is especially for my viewers,and for those who atleast spend there time on reading my blog,i know that i haven’t been active these days much.

That is because i am working on other things too, this quarantine has made me do things which was obviously not possible for me in normal days.

I love to read and i try to write, still a learner can’t deny that!

To all my followers and people who genuinely like my blog i have created another site on, as i searched a lot and went through many suggestions i found that according to my convienience i should create a site there and be active there as much as possible.

I will be most thankful to you guys if you all could visit my new site.

Missed writing….

Please click here (

Thanks to all the viewers here, i started writing in a hope to find myself and increase my writing skills, but you people rock who gave me hope that i am good at this thing and could do better.

The most important thing which i found was we all really relate much, which makes us stay here and know about eachother which is super interesting.

I am active on too, time is money and i really appreciate you guys for giving some time from your schedule to read my blogs.

Thanks for all the viewers and likes, comments, that really is a great motivations for me, coming from you guys..

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Stay tuned.. hello guys! i hope you find my blog interesting, i love to see your love and i get motivated when you all comment and spend some of your time in reading my blog. Show some love by going on the link

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