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I could still remember that day, freshly engraved in my brain!

It was late, around 10 pm, i was on my way back to home by cycle from my late class.

It was winters, i was fully covered in sweatshirt, my woolen gloves on, and my face covered.

My earphones on, still remember the song that was playing on “baby!”- Justin biebers trending song those days.

I was suppose to take a u-turn for my home, but i stopped when i suddenly heard a “scream”.

I saw a small puppy shivering, out of cold! I stopped by then, and looked if i could find his mom.

Unfortunately! he was alone by himself, i didn’t know what to do now, i was a kid, and it was late already..

I took my scarf off and put on him, i also wanted to feed him but, no store were there that time.

I had a second thought if, “i could just go home and then get some help for him”.

Well, then i went by my cycle to home.

All my way home, i was thinking of him, if he could just surviveby any chance!

I reached home! I ran till i ran out of my breath and quickly keeping my bags in my room… A phone ranged, i was there so i picked it up, i still remember how happy was i after that call.

The call that came, was congratulations for my selection by my coach.

It was the happy moment! I shared that news and then we celebrated, that delicious food, everything was perfect.

The next day, off to my school, that morning i remembered something!

I without a second thought, rode my cycle so fast, in the hope to see him.

I was on that u-turn and i couldn’t see him, i was already getting late for my school, so i just took a look nearby and thought he must have went somewhere else.

On my way home from school, earphones on, i saw him, i saw his tail on that u-turn, i was surprised, eagerly i went closer, i could then see his only tail!

And his body apart from him, i couldn’t believe, what i just saw!

I didn’t know what to do, but i was staring him for an hour…

The guilt” that day was more dominant than the happiness of selection!

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