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Strokes of living!

Leaving some things behind, keeping it undone behind, some glitch thats happened!

Started in a hope to happen something big of it, but its now just a bitsy of it.

Standing there stummed, felt so dumb, after all, letting things go, ain’t a piece of cake though!

Yes i know! I gave up all of me on it,but before i could even had enough of it, it glided all the way by my hands, and thats it!

My heart whispered, don’t be ashame, look back for once and get it done, for the sake of your struggle and the love you spent there, it looks so ugly when undone!

But wait! I can try again, because hey, i could refresh my mind and start again.

Now when i look back, the things were meant to stay unfinished, i felt!

For me to understand, not everything you start is suppose to get complete and not everything you wish, gets fulfil.

So hey there! My every imperfect work thats done and relations thats stagnant, at least i could now complete my sleep that was left behind during my struggle to solve the mystery of our relation, which sucked!

But thanks to my wholesome people, who made my journey so truesome!

To the things i thought were suppose to get absolute, taught me, “I could have survived without even starting it.”

But now, that i have opened the cap of paint bottle, i am suppose to put a brush and paint a complete beautiful painting out of it, i here thought after giving only some strokes, it looked better without any extra touch, the pattern looked wholesome in its own way, why not leave it the way it is now!

That way i was happy, even if things didn’t went the way it was suppose to be, i was joyful in my strokes that was undone!

Some strokes that i drew for my living

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