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Not less than a weapon.

We all are very aware and have experienced the word ” anger “.

It sometimes call for a war, lives of thousands of people, because anger doesn’t works alone! It need hatred, selfishness, and ego with it. Enough to make a cold war.

Anger of dissapointment, anger of selfishness, anger of rebel, anger of rivals. All type is unique in its own way and very harmful too.

We all have that angry ball, waiting to stimulate and burst out of hell, words which are going to penetrate through heart and then slowly making the opponent feel so weak, that the words stays for years in their minds.

Anger to cover up, it is somtimes used to hide our feeling, but at a cost of hurting other.

Anger to convey, to let the person know that we are angry at them, sometime we use very bad words in it too.

Anger of love, caring too much for someone can make you angry too.

Out of all of the above, Anger of hatred is very dangerous, just like a bomb ready to land.

We all don’t start hating people all out of sudden, it has a process, very long process to hate someone that it can go to any extent.

The process, where we built the imagine of the people so badly that the thinking becomes very cruel.

Sometimes, our mind convince us that the things we are doing are so right, even if it is bad and we lose the control of realization there itself.

Once you hit the button of hatred towards the people, there is no going back, hard to understand and easy to hate is only left behind.

We are living in a world where we need or find reason to love someone, but a pinch of mistake can make us hate people so easily, as i said choosing to hate is the easiest part”.

Hating and not liking sometimes gets mixed up, thus we need to keep our mind stable.

Just like any other feelings, hate is also one of those, unless it causes trouble to someone physically and mentally.

We get offended on such little things these days, so easily that it makes us insane sometimes!

Anger and hatred when combined, it destroys someones life, relation, trust...

“Just think once before you tag someone, before you hate someone, because anger is capable to stop our thinking process!”

Hello guys! I hope you all find my blog interesting and it keeps motivating me to write when you show so much of love.

Hope that we help eachother in growing together, click the link below if you feel it interesting and i appreciate your thanks for your reading, stay stuned.

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Stay tuned.. hello guys! i hope you find my blog interesting, i love to see your love and i get motivated when you all comment and spend some of your time in reading my blog. Show some love by going on the link

19 thoughts on “Anger!

      1. OMG, it’s not good Yuga…πŸ™ˆ Anger ness just killed the thinking capacity of one’s, in addition to that one can mislead themselves into unforseen trouble…πŸ˜… keep calm your time will come soon, πŸ˜„

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