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Dear love

Well, this was tough for me to write this to you, because there’s a lot to tell and lots of feelings!

I know i havent tell you that i love you, but trust me i on this earth would never love someone this deeply but only you.

We being indians do not say these words because we understand each other, but for a change we should! Because words can sometimes be too strong and capable of tranferring feelings straight to our hearts!

There is a lot of things i want you to know, most of which i want you to know is that i cant imagine my life without you, like whom will i complain about my stupid life, share lots of jokes and that look of youes when you laugh so hard, i personally think when you are happy we all eventually becomes.

But also i know, we dont do lots of thing to keep you happy, but i try i guess.

You should know that my day, when i am home, goes well only when you are happy, listening to your lame jokes, that act of yours, that just makes my day.

I also dont feel good when you are angry or disappointed or feeling low.

I just want every pain of yours to just fly by.

Also, we all know that for you we are your only world, we totally know that and same goes for us too.

Never think that you are alone, because i will be always there whenever you will need me.

I also know you feel insecured and more worried when i stay away, but trust me i take very good care of mine, i also become selfish sometimes but thats the only way to stay out safely away from home.

Because if we are not selfish, people are always there to take advantage of your simplicity, i am also rude to many people, by the way. And i dont know why that happens, may be because i just cant act fake, i just express my true self infront of them which can be sometimes rude to them. At times we really want our personal space and for you to understand that we are grown ups, take your time to accept it but it really feels suffocated when you all try to control it, just let us go.

Whenever i talk to you, i feel like my life is sorted and what else do i want, but the world isnt that good, thats the temporary happiness but i always love that happiness.

When i am out on my own, i come into real world, where people dont care actually, unlike you i found every individual selfish.

And why wouldn’t they be selfish, after all everyone wants to live in this harsh reality world.

It took time for me accept the truth of life, when i came out of very secured world that you created for us, always caring, selfless loving love for us, hiding the harsh reality of world from us.

But it was necessary for me to understand your love, while i was out there.

And of course i knew your love for me from the very begining but i felt that love when i was away from you.

First few days, staying there i really wished that i dont want to deal to these people and just come home.

But slowly i was getting used to it, i understood how things work, how people are and how to behave out there in this world.

Now that i am staying there for a long time, i really got used to it, where i learnt things of reality which i couldnt learn in books.

And making my own identity, my space in this world.

It was hard, and its not like i am saying i already know how world or reality is, i am still learning but at least now i am not at the first stage of real facing world.

I have seen many types people,friends, their different behaviours and understanding their intentions, it took time for me to understand all of these.

Once we create our own identity in this real life, we are so into this, like i feel independent, and that really felt good.

But also with independency, comes responsibilty of our own mostly, taking much more care, staying alert all the time, also even the questions like whom to trust or who is enemy of yours.

You know people say, that when you let your child out, they change! The thing here what they dont think of is why would they not change, staying home and having a secure and safe life is way different than facing outside world, if we dont change we could barely survive there, because people are not always like you out there. We change for our own sake to survive this world.

There was a lot of stuff that i experienced, but still there is a lot to experience. Now that i have seen how the world is outside the house, away from you, i really love you more like anything.

And you wont believe me, but all of my friends know that the only person i trust fully is you! And not even them, also that makes them believe that they are not that good friends, but what to do i cant act fake!

Talking about friends now, i would also love to tell you that, until i went there i really didnt know the true value of friends, because i never felt the need of true friends, thats because i had you and our family.

But again, friends are really supportive at least someone who could act you or taking care or support in things, but not like you! Because you are way too pure.

As we all living here without our family, the only option is to support each other and at least which will not feel that you are in a total strange world, feels like there is someone else too in our life who other than family care for us, but that doesnt mean that they are everything.

Family and friends are two different things, we all realise that, we can never mix these two things up, they both in their place is good.

That bond of friendship i never experienced is what good happened here!

But still, we all miss our family at some situations too much, that we really just want to leave everything and come to you all.

The time i really missed you is the care and pampering u give, which no friend can fulfil that there.

You have no idea, how much do i love you, how much do i care for you, because i never showed it, and i dont know why, may be we are embaressed to show love infront of everyone and we are not embaressed to fight infront of everyone. How strange is that, right?

Whereas, you never compromised in showing love, thats how moms are.

I still feel bad, that you compromised on things that i could never imagine of, i will never know through what things you have gone through and still you can laugh! I really respect that.

You have been through many tough situations, faced many problems and what not! You know looking at you i find myself very selfish, because you care for us alot and you expect so little.

Talking about your health, i really cannot face the truth that what if you will not be in my life, i just cannot never imagine my life without you, i really want you to stay healthy, please because when the thoughts hits me that you wont be there i cant handle myself, i go numb. Really!

I really want you to stay healthy and fit!

I sometimes dont know, why i act so strong or stone hearted but trust me i am really emotional more than anything.

I feel like losing you, will be losing myself, that thought is really scary.

I sometimes really wish telling you everthing about my life, like every single thing, but then i also know you are my mom you will get insecured and will worry and that you will really get tensed.

When i have fights with you, which i unintentionally do, in the end i just want you to know that whatever you say or think about me is so wrong

I know at times i make mistakes but please dont tag me or compare me with people i dont want to. Because in the end i realize my mistakes but just because i couldnt say that i got uh or i understand you doesnt mean i am against you!

I just need some time for myself to realize my mistake, but remember always i have always respected you and also will.

At times i need your support and your understanding, i want you to trust me, i just want you to know that whatever i am doing has no harm, at times i want you know that just like technology, there is also a change in this generation thinking, which you will find weird or unacceptable sometimes, but its just like going with the generation and towards develpoment.

At times, i just want you to talk about things which you or i am avoiding always to know our thoughts. At times i want you to upgrade our relation. Talking about anything or whatever i feel.

Also, just like me, let me know what do you want from me!

You are the only most important thing in my life, trust me. And i know i will also not talk to you like now,way i am writing, face to face because i dont know the reason why do i act like that!

I hope i put all the topics clearly, still there is a lot to talk…HAPPY MOTHERS DAY MY BEAUTIFUL MOTHER!

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