World of imagination

I have my own world, where i imagine things that real world can’t offer me, and i think most of us have their own too.

The world where, i am the iron man! (Besides, i don’t die there at end), i fight enemies.

Well, in this world i categorize my real life people into, the one i want in my life, the one i want to show them who is the boss, the one i care for.

So,i create a situation, build your own place it can be your house or anything, now imagine, what you wanted from the person you last met, play the drama!

It is the game of thoughts, where you can play any thing of your own, after all you are the owner of your own world!

Not long, but a temporary relief from my real world where i sometimes like to stay in the “world of imagination”.

Most us, do have this kinda world in there brain, where it only activates for your sake of happiness!

I wonder what kinda yours is? The one you stay safe there! Avoid the traffic of negative people.

About mine, i have the exact infracture of it as my real world is, the characters although are in my control.

I stay there at night before i sleep.

It totally depends on my current situation what type of character do i want to play, may it be of sadness, happiness, evil sometimes, and a hero of course.

The world of wants, needs, comfort, happiness, joy, sadness.

The second world where no one can judge us, treat us wrong or injusticed.

Kids have a bigger world of imagination though, i could never imagine of! No doubt why they laugh at things a lot.

We all have that kid inside us, wanting to be happy without a reason!

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11 thoughts on “World of imagination

  1. This is so relatable. I thought only I create an imaginary world in my mind where everything is going according to my plan, all the people I want in my life are around me (sometimes, even the one who are not even aware of my existence on the planet😆) , everything is sorted.
    However, life is the other way round and we got to accept the reality.

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  2. True that people do have a world wherein they have the people who are close to them in their own world. And to be honest, it really helps to keep up your moral support when the day doesn’t go according to the plan…

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